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The Kimekai Chow Chows Showtime Gallery

Kimekai has enjoyed consistent recognition from judges across the spectrum and world. Enjoy our memories of these unforgettable moments from the "In Show" line up and Special Events by invitation or qualification . Always owner handled and groomed - I am proud to have 100% success rate in showing my chow chows to championship  and beyond.

At dogshows we believe that "Competition is a by-product of productive work, not its goal. A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others." ( Ayn Rand ).

  .   Fifty shades of excellence

Best in Show & Res Best in Show at Championship Shows


2016: Kendo

RBISS Chow Chow Club Speciality

Judge Dr Rochelle Ehrlich  (RSA)

2016:  Kasumi

BISS Chow Chow Club Speciality

Judge Dr Rochelle Ehrlich  (RSA)

2015:  Kasumi

RBIS UBC (group)

Judge Mrs S McHohan (Aus)

2015: Kendo

BIS at Kimberly KC

judge Mrs E Hogg and Mrs J Jackson (RSA)

2015: Kendo

RBIS at ENSPBC(group)

judge Mrs R Gouws (RSA)


2014:  Kasumi

BISS Chow Chow Club Speciality

Judge Mrs Yvonne Murgatroyd (RSA)


2014: Kendo

RBISS Chow Chow Club Speciality

Judge Mrs Yvonne Murgatroyd (RSA)


 2014: Kendo

RBIS at NUBC(group)

judge Mrs G Morrison  (RSA)

2014: Kendo

BIS at ENSPBC(group)

judge Mrs J Jackson (RSA)

2013: Kendo

RBISS Chow Chow Club Speciality

Judge Mrs Edith Hogg (RSA)

2013 :Kendo

RBIS at Swartland KCall breeds

Judge Mrs J Hubbard (RSA) and Mr G Eva (RSA)

 2013 : Kendo

 RBIS at Pretoria KC all breeds

JudgeMr T Syme (Aus) and Mrs N Hammond Robertson (Aus)

2013; Ki-Mi 

BISS Chow Chow Club Speciality

Judge-  Mrs Edith Hogg  (RSA)

2012 :Kendo

RBIS Cape Town  kennel club all breeds

Judge Mrs E Hogg (RSA) and Mr R Lopaschuk (Can)

2012 :Kendo

RBIS TKC kennel club all breeds

Judge Mrs M Bailey (Ire) and Mr G Eva (RSA)

 2012: Kendo

Best in Specialist Show

judge Mr G Eva (RSA)


2011: Kendo 

BISS Chow Chow Club Speciality

Judge- Breed specialist Mrs van Rooyen (RSA)

2011: Kendo

BIS UBC (group)

Judge Mrs J Hubbard (RSA) Spitz specialist

2011 :Kendo


Judge Mr J Scheepers (NL)

2011 : Kendo

RBIS Witwatersrand KC all breeds

Judges M Shoreman(Can) & K Tosi (Aus)

2011: Kendo

RBIS at ENSPBC (group)

judge Mrs M Jones (Can)

2011: Kendo

BIS Goldfields KC all breeds

judges M Heneke & P Green (RSA)

2010: Kendo 

BIS Uitenhage KC all breeds

judges Mr G Eva (RSA) &  P Green (RSA)


2010: Kendo 

RBIS NTKC all breeds

judge D Murphy (Liontamer Chow Chows USA) group  K Pieterse (RSA)


2010: Kendo

RBIS at UBC (group)

judge Mrs M Bailey (Ire)

2010: Kendo 

BIS KZN Junior KC all breeds

judge R Gregory (UK)

2009: Kendo

BIS Margate KC all breeds

judge B Simpson (RSA)

2009: Kendo

BIS NUBC (group)

judge Mrs R Bachich (Aus)


2009: Kendo

BIS ELKC all breeds

judges C Immelman (RSA)  & G Eva (RSA


RBIS DBN & Districts KC all breeds

judges R Rotner (Slov) & R Bachich (Aus


RBIS PMB KC all breeds

judges S Warry (Aus) & S Shrigley(Tasm)


BIS at GCUBC (group)

judge I Wride (RSA)


BIS at Liesbeek KC all breeds

judge M Baker (RSA)


 RBIS NNKC (all breeds)

 judges J Hubbard (spitz specialist)& G Morrison (RSA)

2008: Kendo

RBIS at CUDC (group)

judge G Kostoplous (Greece)


RBIS at Bloemfontein KC all breeds 

judge P Wilkes (Aus)


BIS at NNKCall breeds

judges C Immelman (RSA) & J van Rooyen (Roseneath Chow Chows RSA)

 2008 : Kendo

BIS at CTKC all breeds

judges K Hogg and G Thompson (RSA)


BIS Sabred at KA all breeds

judges P Green & G Morrison (RSA)

2007: Kendo

BIS at CUDC (group)

judge C Eggerton (Can)

2005 : Tanaka

RBIS at Uitenhage all breeds  

judge J Kearley (Can) & S Limoges (Can)


2005: Tanaka

BIS at Port Elizabeth KC  all breeds  

judges T Burke (Can) & M Giles (Aus)

2004 : Tanaka

RBIS  at Highway KC all breeds

at the same show as BJIS

   judge R Gregory (UK)


2003 Taipan

RBIS Outeniqua KC All breeds

judges P Green & S Carter (RSA)

2003 Taipan

RBIS at TUBC  (group)

judge P Chatterjee (India)

2003 Taipan

PMB KC All Breeds

judges K Hogg & J Pedan (RSA)

2003 Taipan

 RBIS at NUBC ( Group)

judge S Sutherland (Aus breed specialist) 

 2003 : Katana 


judge S Sutherland (Aus breed specialist)

2002: Kabuki

RBIS Cape Utility Dog Club (group)   

judges S Seef & C Foss (RSA)

1 9 9 9 : Kabuki

BOSS Chow Chow Club Championship Show  

judge J Naude (Kaiayetu Chow Chows)
  Best Head Bitches    CC


1998: Kabuki

RBISS Chow Chow Club Championship Show

judge Mrs B Rorke-Tarr (Tullamore Chow Chows)

   2 point CC    Best Head Bitches

PUPPY Best in Show & Res Best in Show at Championship Shows




2019 : Mikado  

Junior KC Championship all breeds

 Best  Baby Puppy in Show 

Mrs V Schneider (Aus) &  Mrs C Haller ( Can)


2019 : Mikado  

SALKA Championship all breeds

Reserve Best  Baby Puppy in Show 

Mr S Helgesin  (Nor) &  Mrs J Lawless (Ire)

2014 : Kasumi  

Chow Chow Club  

Best Puppy in Show 

Yvonne Murgatroyd  (RSA) 


2014 : Kasumi

Grand Central

Best Puppy in Show

Ronnie Tolson (Ire)


2014 : Kasumi

Pietermaritzburg KC all breeds

Best Puppy in Show

P Green and J Ratner (RSA)


2014 : Kasumi

NUBC (group)

Best Puppy in Show

Mrs G Morrison (RSA)  


 2014 : Kasumi

West Coast KC all breeds

Best Puppy in Show

J Canning and R Gouws (RSA

2014 : Kasumi

Walmer  KC all breeds

Best Baby in Show

R Hanworth and T Hiscock (RSA)


2014 : Kasumi

Uitenhage KC all breeds

Reserve Best Baby in Show  

J Browning (RSA)

2014: Kasumi

Port Elizabeth  KC all breeds

Best Baby in Show

R Gouws and L Brand(RSA)

2014: Kasumi

Midlands KC all breeds 

Best Baby in Show 

M Hanley (Aus)

2014: Kasumi

Wits KC all breeds

Best Baby in Show 

T Sloane(Aus) and M Watson (Aus)

2014: Kasumi


Best Puppy in Show 3rd 

J Jackson (RSA)

2006 : Kendo

RBPIS  Highway KC all breeds

judge Mrs M McClellan (Aus) 

& J Rademan RSA)


BPIS WGKC all breeds

judge L Harwood (Aus)

2006 :Kendo

RBPIS  NTKC all breeds

judges G Robinson & S Baker (RSA)

2006 : Kendo

BPIS  Natal Coast KC all breeds

judge I Wride (RSA) & K Hardwick (NZ)

2006 :Kendo

RBPIS  Liesbeek KC all breeds

judges J Wang & E Hogg(RSA


2003 :  Tanaka 

RBPIS at TUBC    (group)

judge R Jarman (RSA)

Special Events


2016: Kendo

Reserve in the Rosemary Elliot Memorial Challenge  


2016 : Kendo

also 2014

one of 4 finalists in the AnimalTalk

SABred Invitational

Judges : T Edwards , M Heneke , Z Fon Zidar


2015; Kendo

One of 8 finalists at TKC Supreme

Judge Mrs L Brand (Aus)




KA Royal Canin  2015

Reserve Supreme Puppy

judge ; Gael Morrison (RSA)

2014 : Kasumi

NFSKC Sweepstakes Winner

judge Carine Buitendach (RSA)

2014 : Kendo

Ken Hogg Memorial Challenge 

judge Edith Hogg (RSA)

2012 : Kendo

NAPC Reserve Top Dog

judge C Immelman (RSA)


 2011 : Kendo  

NAPC Top Dog   

judge Bruce Jenkins (RSA) 

2009 : Kendo

Supreme Dog at TKC

judge Liz Wogan ( Fr) -spitz specialist 

2009: Kendo

RBIS at Best of the Best

judges J Pedan M Herholdt J Duthie (RSA)

2009: Kendo 

Goldfields Res Dog of Year

judge E Hogg M Baker (RSA) K Nichols (Aus spitz specialist)

2008: Kendo

Goldfields Dog of the Year 3rd

judges P Wilkes and E Brown (Aus)

2007: Kendo

Goldfields Dog of the Year 3rd

judges B Dawson (Phil)

P Green G Robinson M Baker (RSA)

2007: Kendo

SUPA 7 Utility puppy winner

judge B Cole (UK)

2004: Tanaka

Puppy Premium  

judge J Jackson (RSA)

JUNIOR Best in Show & Res Best in Show at Championship Shows


2015: Kasumi

BJIS at Vereeniging All Breeds

Mr G Townsend (Can) and Mrs R Williams (NZ)

2006 : Kendo

RBJIS  CUDC group  

judge A Mocke (RSA)

2006 : Kendo

BJIS NNKC all breeds 

judge S Bloomfield & P Green (RSA)

2006 : Kendo

BJIS at NUBC group

judge M Gavon (ire)


BJIS at NNKC  all breeds

Judges W Watts & G Bidder (RSA)


2004 : Tanaka

BJIS at Highway KC all breeds

and at the same show also RBIS  

judge R Gregory (UK)

VETERAN Best in Show & Res Best in Show at Championship Shows


2017 : Kendo

BVIS at Durban & Districts  KC  all breeds 

Judge Mrs J Wang & Mr K Smith (RSA

2017 : Kendo

BVIS at Natal Coast  KC  all breeds 

Judge Mrs K Paulus  & Mrs J Wang (RSA


2017 : Kendo

RBVIS at Kimeberly KC  all breeds 

Judge Mrs J McFarlane & Dr H Rolfes (RSA)

2017 : Kendo

BVIS at EDKC all breeds 

Judge Mrs Z McCleary (RSA) and Mr P Pittsuwaun ( THai)







2017 : Kendo

BVIS at Swartland KC All breeds

Judge Mrs L Raubenheimer   (RSA)

2017 : Kendo

BVIS at Orion KC All breeds

Judge Mrs C Gilmour & Mrs L Megginson    (RSA

2016 : Kendo


Judge Mrs J Canning   (RSA)

2016 : Kendo


Judge Mrs R Fourie  (RSA)

2016 : Kendo


Judge Mrs N Redtenbacher/Mrs B Rorke-Tarr & Mrs A Hauptfleisch (RSA)

2016 : Kendo

BVIS at KZN Junior  KC

Judge Mrs Kerry King (Aus)

2016 : Kendo

BVIS at Port Elizabeth KC

Judge Mrs R Ehrlich and Mrs C Immelman (RSA)

2015; Kendo


Judge Mrs L Wogan (Ire)  & Mrs L Brand (Aus)

2015; Kendo

BVIS at Sasolburg  KC

Judge Mrs M Heneke  and Mrs E Hogg (RSA)

2015; Kendo

BVIS at KZN Junior KC

Judge Mr E Bajona (Can) and Mrs R Cabion (RSA)

2015; Kendo

BVIS at Durban & Districts

Judge J Jackson  (RSA) & J Hubbard  (RSA) 


2015; Kendo


Judge K le Blanc (Can)


2015; Kendo


Judge J Sayers (Aus) & G Robinson (RSA)


BVISS Chow Chow Club

Judge Yvonne Murgatroyd (RSA)


2014: Tanaka 

RBVIS at ENSPBC  KC (group) 

under Mrs J Jackson (RSA) 

2013: Tanaka

RBVIS at Swartland KC all breeds 

under Mrs J Hubbard (RSA) 

2012 : Tanaka

BVIS Utility Breeds Club (group)

judge Mr C Jouanchicot(France)


BVIS  and MG BIS at Natal Utility Breeds(group)

judge Mrs Maribel Sy (Phillipines)

2012 : Tanaka

BVIS Junior KC all breeds

judges M Vorster (RSA) &  K Lee (Aus)

2011: Tanaka

BVIS at George KC all breeds

Judges Mr D Griffin & Mrs L Raubenheimer (RSA)

2011 :Tanaka

RBVIS at Cape Utilty Dog Club 


Judge Mrs P Cruz (Mex/USA)

2010: Tanaka

RBVIS at GCUBC  (group)

judge G Kill (Aus)

2011: Tanaka

RBVIS at ENSPBC (group)  

Judge Mrs M Jones (Can)

2010 : Tanaka

RBVIS at KZN Junior KC all breeds

judge R Gregory (UK)

2010 : Tanaka

BVIS at TUBC (group)

judge L Lawlor (RSA)

2010 :Tanaka

BVIS at Cape Utilty Dog Club  (group)

Judge Mr A Wardanah Indonesia)

2009 : Katana

RBVIS AT CUDC  (group) 

judge C Ringstrom (Can)


2004: Taipan

BVIS TKC KC  all breeds 

judges A Ingram (Ire) & D Stachen (Aus)

2004:  Taipan 

BVIS Sasolburg KC All breeds 

judges J Hubbard & P Green (RSA)

Kimekai at Open (non championship) shows


2019 : Mikado

BBPIS at NTVL KC all breeds

judges J van Rijswijk  & M Heneke 

2019 : Mikado

BBPIS at NTVL KC all breeds

judges B Degenhardt & D Edmondson

2019 : Ki-Mi

RBVIS at NTVL KC all breeds

judges J van Rijswijk  & M Heneke

2017 : Kasumi

RBIS at Junior KC all breeds

judges N Baxter & M Heneke




20157: Kasumi

BIS at Goldfields Supporters N all breeds

judges L KRuger & R Forsythe




2017 : Kasumi

RBCIS at Goldfields Supporters S  all breeds

judges R Clarke & H Kuilman


2016 : Ki-Mi

BISS  Chow Chow Club Show

Judge Mr H Kuilman (RSA)



2015 : Kasumi

RBIS at Junior KC all breeds

judges N Baxter & M Heneke


2015 : Kasumi

BIS at Pretoria KC all breeds

judges W Davies & H Redtenbacher


2015: Ki-Mi 

BISS Chow Chow Club

judge F Veldman



2015 : Kasumi

BIS at EDKC all breeds

judges N Baxter and D Edmondson


2015 : Kasumi

BJIS at EDKC all breeds

judges N Baxter and D Edmondson   

alt2015 : Kasumi

RBJIS at  TKC all breeds

3rd BIS all breeds    

Judges T Koekemoer G de Taranto 

F Veldman


2014 : Kasumi

 RBJIS Junior KC all breeds

judges A Sheasby and T Eberhardt


2014 : Kasumi

RBPIS  TKC all breeds 

judges L Kruger & W Davies


2014 : Kasumi

BPISS & BISS at Chow Club show

judges R Ehrlich


2014 : Ki-Mi

RBIS TKC all breeds

judges  B Hudson and T Edwards

alt2014 : Kasumi

BBPIS SALKA all breeds

judges L Kruger  and E Stadler


2014 : Kasumi

BBPIS EDKC all breeds

judges S MacDonald  and R Clarke


alt2014 : Kasumi

RBBPIS NTVL all breeds

judges  R ERwee & M Croeser 

alt2014 : Kasumi

BBPIS TKC all breeds

judges R Fourie and N Baxter


  2014 : Kasumi

RBBPIS Roodepoort all breeds

judges B Degenhardt and C Patience


2013: Ki-Mi 

BISS Chow Chow Club

judge M Swart 

alt2013: Tanaka

BVIS at EDKC all breeds

judges A van Staden & R Clarke


alt2013: Tanaka


judges R Forsythe & R de Taranto


2013 : Ki-Mi

RBIS at Goldfields  KC

judges J Ratner & Z McCleary

alt2013 : Ki-Mi

BIS at Grand Central KC

judges J McKenzie

alt2012 : Ki-Mi

RBIS at Junior KC

judges R Erwee & B Rorke-Tarr (Tullamore chow chows) 

alt2012 :Ki-Mi 

RBJIS at Goldfields KC

Judge G Schultz & N Meyer

 alt 2011: Ki-Mi

BPISS & BISS Chow Club open show

Judge Mrs R Fourie (RSA)


2011: Ki-Mi ;


Judge Ms N Baxter (RSA)

2 011: Ki-Mi

Best Puppy in Show at the Charity Show

judge Mrs B Degenhardt

alt2010 : Kendo

RBIS at SALKA all breeds 

judges B Degenhardt & J Jackson

alt2007: Kendo

BIS at Goldfeilds KC open all breeds

judge H Kuilman (RSA)

 alt2007: Kendo

BIS all breeds Open

judges C Aucamp & R Gouws (RSA)

alt2006 Kendo


judge H Rolfes (RSA)

 alt2005 Kendo


judge J Grey & J Browning


2005 Kendo

BPISS Chow chow Club

judge H Rolfes

2006 : Tanaka

BIS at Charity Show

judges S & K Holroyd (UK)

alt2005: Tanaka

RBIS at Charity show

judges  (UK)

alt2003 Kabuki

Roodepoort all breeds

judge V Tarr  BIS 3rd 

alt2003: Taipan

BIS Roodepoort KC all breeds

  judge M Heneke & G Thomson (RSA)

alt 2002: Taipan


judge J Naude (RSA breed specialist Kaiayetu chows)

alt1999 : Taipan

BIS at TKC  all breeds

judges P Searle & G Thompson (RSA)



Reserve Best Puppy in Show all breeds Goldfields KC

Kendo - Chow Chow Club 

RBISS  July 2006

judge Mr A Battey


Katana -  Chow Chow Club

RBISS  3/10/04 

judge B Degenhardt

Katana -  Chow Chow Club

BISS 11/5/2003

Ms B Rorke-Tarr (Tullamore Chow Chows)

   Katana -  Chow Chow Club

BPISS  21/7/2001  

judge Ms A Alberts

Kabuki - Chow Chow Club

RBISS   22/7/2000

judge Mr P Searle

Taipan -  Chow Chow Club

BISS 21/7/2001  

judge Ms A Alberts


Taipan -  Chow Chow Club

BISS 22/7/2000

judge Mr P Searle

Taipan -  Chow Chow Club

BISS 07/5/2000

judge Mrs S Seef

Taipan -  Chow Chow Club

BISS 15/5/1999 

judge Mrs J Hubbard