My Chow Chows - more about each one, information, photos, pedigrees, achievements

Kimekai Portfolio  -  a little about Kimekai Chow Chows- what we do, where we have been and more  

Puppies -   Kimekai will not be breeding for the next few years and only when we want to keep a pup

Ki-Mi  - the therapy chow chow

Articles of interest -  section aimed at educating and informing, broadening one's knowledge

Kimekai in publications  - honoured to have featured on the cover of many publications and in articles

Books published by Kimekai Chow Chows books  about the Chow Chow in Southern Africa

The Archives of the Chow Chow    - Southern Africa History from 1895 to present day

Showtime Gallery - proudly showing off our achievements in the ring since 1998

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